Wildscapes; the true beauty of nature in landscape photography

— June 7th, 2012 —

Landscape photography has always been one of my favourite genres of imagery however, more often than not; landscape photography can be boring and uninspiring. Not too long ago, I came across the work of two brothers: Maxime and Florent Courty, and as a duo created ‘Wildscapes’. The brothers are based in central France and have a unique portfolio, it is clear that they are talented at what they do.

I often find that landscape photography can do one of two things to the visual stimulus; it can either be dull and uninspiring with no narrative or if done to a high standard can be captivating and mesmerising. Wildscapes ability to capture nature at its absolute prime is extremely impressive; their images create and capture the atmosphere, colour and story in every single frame.

We practice landscape and nature photography with a singular approach, our purpose is to celebrate nature’s wonders, in an endless quest for beauty.

First, we search for the most interesting atmospheric conditions. We consider weather to be very important in landscape photography, it can totally transform the landscape depending on the mood nature has.

– Maxime and Florent Courty, Wildscapes.

The extensive Wildscapes gallery can be found on their website and on DeviantArt; it was difficult to limit the images for this feature I would have loved to include more, but you can view, follow and find out more about Wildscapes on the link’s below.


Adam Haworth

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