Software you need to be using as a creative

— May 18th, 2012 —

Over the last six months we have been making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of paper we use, while doing this I have come across some really great applications. This post is really about some great software you need to be using as a creative for collaboration, note making, sharing backing up and so much more.


Lets kick things off with Evernote, it may have been around for a while now but only recently has it really started to come into its own. The first thing I love about Evernote is that the free version is more than good enough for the average user.

Note making is such an important part of our business and we used to go through paper like water, so finding an alternative to a notepad and pen was pretty important. Just like a notepad Evernote is always with you, I use Evernote on my iPhone then back on the desktop and even a random PC, all you need is an internet connection and all your notes are available everywhere.

What else makes it so good? Well a notepad may be convenient, but what happens when it’s full or you throw a full page of what you thought were scrap notes away, you’re either left with a load of full note pads lying around or looking for some information you threw away. With Evernote even when you delete a note you can still restore it, handy right?

The only part Evernote really lets down on is sharing you can share as many notes as you want, but you must have a paid version to allow people to edit your shared notes.

Microsoft Skydrive

So best for last. Microsoft Skydrive… Again it’s been around for a while but has also started to come into its own recently with some big changes. In short for those who don’t know what Skydrive is, Skydrive is a cloud service from Microsoft it has many uses but the key feature is sharing and access to your files from any PC, iPhone, iPad, Android or Mac. We have recently started to use Skydrive as a collaboration service allowing us to share and access any of our files on the fly (like dropbox but better).

You can use Skydrive to sync all your files to the Skydrive servers not only will this serve as a backup but it also allows you to access any of your files from anywhere, I particularly love being able to access any of our files from my iPhone very handy if out and you need to access an invoice. The beauty of Skydrive is all you need to do is organise all your files into the Skydrive folder, everything in the Skydrive folder is then automatically uploaded and synced 24/7 so you never have to do a thing.

The possibilities with Skydrive are really endless with collaboration, sharing with your team, backing-up and universal access to your files, Skydrive will change how you work for the better.

Adam Haworth

I am a self-taught multidisciplinary designer and founder of Lakewood media. To me design isn't just about the visuals of a product, it's also the way it functions to serve a purpose in the most conclusive way. Aside from Lakewood media I spend my time travelling, I love to discover new places and explore different cultures. I feel it is important to develop skills through experiencing different cultures and ways of life.

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  • Octavio Corral

    Interesting about SkyDrive. So why Skydrive over dropbox? Your descriptions sounds exactly like dropbox

    • Adam Haworth

      Good question, to be honest its really down to preference. But price wise Skydrive is a winner, not to mention the free 25GB account (or 7GB for non Windows Live users, but for some reason I got 25GB for free and don’t use Live). I’m just hoping with Windows 8 they will integrate Skydrive into the system better, and make it more streamlined on Mac as well.