★ Best of the month. March

— March 31st, 2012 —
We have decided to have a little feature each month where we pick 5 of the best images, drawings, videos, graphics or any other creative work that we have found and love. We will only pick 5 each month and the 5 will be work we could have found anywhere.  The work also doesn’t have to have been made in the month, for all we care it could have been produced 5 years ago because we are looking for talent that will be just as good now as it will be in the future.

The idea of this little feature is to help expose talented and unknown artists. We will only include the very best of work and if you think you have a project that is worthy please submit to our facebook page, comment below or shoot an email to us at enquiries@lakewoodmedia.co.uk .


So let’s start with March!

Here are our 5 most loved and outstanding finds in March 2012.


By Veselin Malinov  – malinov-photo.comze.com


By Alice X. Zhang – alicexz.tumblr.com


By Joel Santos – joelsantos.net


By Fransiscaeve – fransiscaeve.deviantart.com


By Danny Santos II – facebook.com/dannyst.photography

Adam Haworth

I am a self-taught multidisciplinary designer and founder of Lakewood media. To me design isn't just about the visuals of a product, it's also the way it functions to serve a purpose in the most conclusive way. Aside from Lakewood media I spend my time travelling, I love to discover new places and explore different cultures. I feel it is important to develop skills through experiencing different cultures and ways of life.

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    thx u so much….really glad my pict can publish on DD

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