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Dianthe Chirino

— June 4th, 2014 —

Dianthe Chirino

I was introduced to the artist Dianthe Chirino a couple of months ago after consulting on a web project, since I have visited her exhibition at the Trispace Gallery in London and really began to appreciate her work. What really appeals about Dianthe’s work is the calmness of the...

— May 10th, 2015 —

FreeAgent 10% Discount with Coupon code: 449bkzcq

We have recently come across Free Agent a fantastic account tool for small to medium businesses, it helps take care of just about all aspects of your finances for sole traders, limited companies and even...

Wellington Pub

— April 11th, 2014 —

Why a website for a physical business should reflect the business.

Last month we finished working on a small side project for a well known country pub & restaurant. Now I love side projects, they take me back to the early days where the stress...


— February 14th, 2014 —

WordPress. How to create a FancyBox gallery using attachment ID with thumbnail support

This is a very simple guide on how to make a gallery out of your page or post attachments. This sample is written to use thumbnail images and links to large images on click,...

Vertigo Hitchcock Movie Poster

— January 7th, 2014 —

What Happened To Movie Posters?

We all remember the old creative movie posters, or for those who were’t around back then we have seen them on the walls of studios and college dorms of creatives. No longer do we...

wordpress 3.8 parker

— December 16th, 2013 —

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” Review & thoughts

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of WordPress 3.8 to see the complete redesign, new widget and menu features. The design has been dated and personally I think this update has been a...


— December 10th, 2013 —

A Review of Airmail App for OS X. Why Airmail makes email enjoyable.

Over the last year I have been having a nightmare with my email, we use Google Apps to manage our mail at Lm and I use iCloud for my personal account. I have always...